CRM 2011 and WMF5 (PowerShell 5)

I decided to install WMF5 on a CRM 2011 server installed on WS2008R2 and see what happened.


The CRM server is deployed in IFD mode and had no Organisations on it at the time WMF5 was installed but was confirmed to be working correctly before the test.

SQL2008R2 Reporting services is installed on the App server but the SQL Database engine is on a separate server.


Install WMF5 on a fully functioning CRM2011 server and test that a new organisation can be created and used. Test that the Microsoft.Crm.PowerShell Snapin works and can deploy an organisation and retrieve data.


  • I have seen no errors listed in the Event viewer after WMF5 was installed and booted up for the first time.
  • I can open the CRM Deployment manager.
  • The new Organisation wizard works and an organisation was successfully created.
  • "Update From Federation Metadata" still works on the ADFS server.
  • Sample Data was deployed into the organisation and a bulk delete job was run successfully to clean up those records, indicating that the Asynchronous service works OK.
  • Used New-CrmOrganization to successfully deploy an org from PowerShell.
  • Disabled and deleted organisation using CRM Deployment Manager
  • Disabled and deleted organisation using PSSnapin.


WMF5 works with CRM2011 in the configuration specified.


This has now been deployed onto several other CRM 2011 servers running with Windows Authentication all servers have been running for a couple of days and have had no issues.