Configuring IIS SSLBindings in Powershell

There seem to be a lot of posts kicking around the web about how to do this, and they all show the same solution. Unfortunately that solution doesn't seem to work when you are using a wildcard SSL cert and need to target a binding that is identified by it's host name.

I thought I would share with you the basis of what is needed to create an SSLBinding record that targets a specific website binding.

new-item -path "IIS:\SslBindings\!443!KyleTest.web.local" -Thumbprint "8EDD9DFCDEB6F1A6D4CC1D4BFD696G71F7DED245" -SSLFlags 1
IP Address Port Host Name Store Sites
-------- ---- --------- ---- ----
443 KyleTest.web.local MyKyleScriptTestGreen

The Key difference between the example above and the more common example shown on The Weekend Scripter blog are that instead of piping the certificate information into the new-item cmdlet we are specifying it directly through parameters. I am also not specifying the IP address of the binding in the item path.